Fascia- You’ve all heard of it. Most of you I would assume have a general idea of what it is as well.

But how important is it? How much of it do we have?
It’s in our bodies so I’m guessing it does something right?

Most of us would think of fascia as a substance that covers our muscles, and you know you’re meant to keep it “loose”, so you jump on the foam roller a couple of times a week to keep it happy.
And it seems to make your trainer happy too when you say you’ve done it and stops those disparaging looks he gives you otherwise.

Well this is partly true. It does indeed wrap out muscles like a kind of internal body stocking. This is your superficial fascia (say that ten times fast) But fascia delves much deeper than that weaving deep into our bodies creating pods that actually help make up your musculature.
Cut a wedge of orange and look at how the juice is encapsulated into individual pods. That is sort of what we are like too. Jon, in your case it’s more like lemon.

We know what tendons and ligaments are. They’re both considered part of the fascial system too.
Fascia also supports your organs in a sling like way, wraps around your bones and cushions your vertebrae (your vertebral discs are part of the system as well)

In fact fascia is so intrinsically woven throughout our bodies that if you were to remove everything from your body that wasn’t fascia you would be left with an almost perfect 3D model of yourself.
(That imagery well be more scary for some than others)

So this fascia stuff may be a little more important and do a whole lot more than you ever thought possible from a substance that’s only been getting any mainstream attention for the last decade or so.

So let’s find out a bit more about it…