Anti-Lateral Flexion

In the last few years trainers have gone a bit “anti” with exercise. As in “anti-extension”, anti-rotation” and “anti-lateral flexion”. You may not have heard of them but you’ve undoubtedly incorporated them into your training [...]

Swimmers Shoulder

Damn That Shoulder! (And other overuse niggles) I recently read this article and thought what a concise but clearly stated piece it was on what could actually be causing you that grief you get from [...]


Some people swear by it, others classify doing their shoe laces up as close enough to a stretch as they need. But what’s the truth about how important or effective stretching is? Recently, studies have [...]

Fascia Part 2

Looking After It. "While every anatomy text lists around 600 seperate muscles. It is more accurate to say that there is one muscle poured into 600 pockets of the fascial webbing." So what does it [...]

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