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Surf Fit is a personalised training program.

This IS NOT a boot camp you rock up to a couple of times a week to do a workout and then are left to do your own thing the rest of the week.

Surf Fit is an outdoor group training program that caters for those that are looking to improve their performance in their chosen Surf sport or activity. Whether that be:

  • Ski or board paddling
  • Board riding
  • Ocean swimming
  • Beach sprinting and running

That’s quite a diverse array of activities and you might wonder how a group training session can cater to such different needs.
The key is Surf Fit is much more than the training sessions.

  • Each Surf Fit member has an individual consultation before starting to determine their specific goals and will be taken through a movement screen and any other assessments that are mutually agreed upon.
  • From there we map out a plan that incorporates the Surf Fit sessions into a weekly plan to help you reach your goals.
  • When you join the program you join the Surf Fit community. You’ll have access to the members Facebook page which serves as not only a communication and support page but also as an educational source on topics that are going to help you reach your goals.


“When friends first invited me to a SOAR PT Run Squad session I thought I would be the slowest there… and I was!! SOAR PT is not about pure talent, it’s about your development and achieving your goals… whether it’s to lose weight, make new friends or run a Marathon. With SOAR PT, I have gone from a 10kms fun run to an Ultra-marathon in three years and I’ve made friends for life.”

– Lena Ridley
Practice Development Manager MLC Advice Solutions | MLC Advice & Marketing | National Australia Bank Limited

“I first started using Soar PT after a lower back injury on advice from my physiotherapist. Steve’s approach to my rehabilitation has been first class, the injury is now manageable and not getting in the way of me leading an active lifestyle. His sessions are relaxed, but still rank as some of the hardest physical exercise I have ever done.  Steve is constantly challenging me with new exercises and approaches to training that ensure I get to where I want to go. I would recommend Soar PT to anyone who wants to get more serious about their health and wellbeing.”

– Tim Byrne
Innovation Development Manager | Meat and Livestock Australia

“A good friend recommended Steve promoting him as being ‘one of the best personal trainers in Sydney’, after several years training with Steve I can honestly say he is just that. I personally have never been fitter, faster or more motivated than I am now and it is all due to Steve and his ever changing and challenging training sessions. I have been a runner all my life but it was Steve and his expertise that got me over the line for my first marathon. He truly is one of the best, I can not recommended him more highly to any one or group looking for a trainer with a difference. If you want to be trained by a complete professional I recommend SOAR PT, you wont look back!”

– Teresa Boyce
The Health Whisperer | Nutritionist

Hi my name is Jon Treble.

At 46 yrs of age weighing in at 119Kg I found that I couldn’t lose weight and just didn’t have the time nor the energy to do exercise as I work 7 days a week.

After meeting Steve De vivo I quickly learnt that I was wrong as in what now seems like no time at all I train with Steve 3 X times a week, swim X 2 nights a week and now have so much energy I’ve just brought myself a stand up paddle board as I now have the courage to have ago at anything with a positive can-do attitude.

Please understand that by no means was it at all easy but with his help I have lost in 3 months over 18 kgs with still even more to come off.

I have changed my whole outlook on eating with a lot of help again from Steve and his nutritionist.

His approach to fitness is like nothing I have ever experienced but can assure you I’m planning too for a long time to come.

Thanks again Steve for changing my life, Cheers.

I have been training with Steve De Viro for over 12 years. Steve has the great skill as a trainer to be able to work within the limits his clients have in terms of time and availability and still structure a great training programme and get results.

Every PT session I have had with Steve he has prepared and thought through the session and what the outcomes should be. My training preference is go hard and be challenged and Steve was able to get the most and more out of me by always having well thought out sessions that kept me interested and pushing progress.

The session were always fun and a good laugh and I really look forward to training with Steve. The sessions were a really important part of stress management for me and have helped enormously to mitigate a lot of the negatives related to travel and general work stress.

David Housego – Executive Director and CFO | WorleyParsons
Over five years ago, on the recommendation of a work colleague I signed up for some personal training sessions with Steve (Soar PT). I had always been reasonably active but was looking for a change and Steve (Soar PT) certainly provided that – his never ending positive attitude and professionalism are hard to resist. My experience with Soar PT has been physically and mentally challenging but immensely rewarding. Steve sets the bar high, but at the same time he has the uncanny ability to encourage and entice you out of your comfort zone and before long you are well on your way to achieving your goals (or his goals for you…). I can’t tell you how many times my goals have been achieved and reset, and to this day we continue to work towards achieving new ones. He doesn’t make it easy but he does make it worth it! Give it a go – I doubt you will be disappointed.
Kristen Gorman – HR/Compliance | Sterling Insurance Pty Limited
I was first introduced to Steve and SOAR when I was invited to join his newly formed running group. After the initial sessions Steve spent time with me to understand my previous training and personal achievements and my future goals. Without requesting it Steve put together a weekly training programme specific to my requirements but demanding enough to challenge me. Over the years through his guidance I have achieved many of those goals, some of which have stood there for 10+ years. Steve is inspirational, his training methods utilise the very latest techniques and thinking and he cares about and understands each of his client and their ability, he knows when to push and when to ease off. he stretches those of us with “dreams” of sporting greatness, pushes those that need coercing and encourages those that lack self belief. It is an honour to have Steve as my trainer and to call him a friend. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve (SOAR) for individuals or corporations looking to achieve.
Nick Deeks – Director | WT Partnership
The physical and mental changes to me have been both measurable and hugely beneficial.

The first step towards a disciplined health and fitness program is always a hard one and one made more difficult due to the 100’s of gyms, personal trainers, health and diet plans and in general, the disparate opinions of our peers about what is good and not good for us!

After much due diligence, I made the commitment to Soar PT in 2001, as an unfit, over weight and complacent 40 year old. 11 years on, the physical and mental changes to me have been both measurable and hugely beneficial. Everyone of the sessions over the journey has been enjoyable and varied, albeit one must always understand that ‘no pain – no gain’ is a truism in the world of health and fitness.

I have always been set achievable goals, which when achieved, provide motivation to go on to the next one. Furthermore I have been successful in accomplishing feats that I would never haver believed possible at the outset.

Soar PT continue to provide additional services on a regular basis. I am encouraged to monitor my health and have recently undertaken DNA testing of vital genes to assist me in my general life style choices.

I see many personal trainers in their day to day activities, however, I have never seen one that provides the interest, diversity and contemporary way of training that Soar PT provides. I would encourage you to make the commitment that I did!

David White – General Manager-Sport | Network TEN

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